Academic institutions have the primary task of molding and developing the manpower requirement of the economy.In order to accomplish the task, they must establish projects where the faculty and students can learn how the theories and concepts are put actual applications. In doing so, they can learn also demonstrate and develop the technologies and management schemes that can be replicated by other organizations.


            CBSUA,as an academic institution, has engaged in some agribusiness ventures servingas training ground for its students, faculty and staff and at the same time assources of agricultural technologies, agribusiness models and good qualitystocks. Our existing production projects, support facilities and services werebasically established or the benefit of practically all the curricular programsof the college which are BSA, BSAB, BSAE,BSAF, BSES and graduate programs.


            Howeverat current conditions, maintaining projects is no longer enough. The currentgovernment policy of gradually phasing out the funding support to SUCs, callsfor the establishment of a more aggressive production program in order togenerate the needed resources that will support the operation of the differentcollege program.


            In response to this challenge, policies and guidelines must be formulated and properly implemented. The plans, organizations and management of the existing production projects must be properly defined and improved. Likewise, new business ventures have to be established. Complementation among the units of the college must be strengthened to reduce cost and increase resources utilizations efficiency.