Student Discipline


Article I. Preliminary Provisions


Sec.1.        The Code shall apply to all bonafide students of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture.


Sec.2.        A student assumes an obligation to conduct himself/herself in a manner that befits a member of the academic community and accepts the rules and regulations prescribed by the University to enforce its effective role as an educational institution.


Sec.3.        The right of the University to impose sanctions against student’s misconduct is derived from and inherent in its obligations to:

a.    Protect its name and properties as an educational institution;

b.   Ensure the health and safety of persons in the community;

c.    Preserve peace, ensure orderly procedures and maintain student   morale, and

d.   Preserve its standards for academic performance and achievements.


                                        Article II.  Dress Code


A.         Uniform.  A student is required to wear the prescribed school uniform during school days except on designated “Wash Days” or declared “Field Days” and “Special Days”. He shall maintain neat and decent attire at all times.  Physical Education (PE) uniforms or NSTP t-shirts should not be used in attending regular classes. 


            Prescribed Uniform


            Female:  White Blouse with thinly black striped color with CBSUA seal

                          and  Black    Pants/Skirt     with     white  striped    color  with  

                          matching Closed  Black-heeled Shoes


            Male:           Avocado Green Polo (Barong Style with CBSUA seal),

                               Black Pants and Black Leather Shoes


B.         Not Allowed for Men.  Sando, tattered and dirty t-shirts, shirts with obscene prints or shirts advertising the use of drugs and violence, dirty pants, tattered pants, skimpy shorts, earrings, rubber slippers, women’s apparel and long hair (hair cut not above the collar line).


C.         Not Allowed for Women.  Backless, see-through or flimsy, and spaghetti-strapped blouses, plunging necklines, shirts with holes or obscene prints, shirts advertising the use of drugs and violence, micro-mini skirts and shorts, rubber slippers,  and pants with holes.


D.         Identification Card.  Every student must wear the prescribed school identification (ID) card which shall be worn before entering and while inside the campus at all times. The use of another student ID, defacing and tampering  strictly prohibited.  IDs must be worn with the prescribed College cord.



Article III. Classifications and Nature of Offenses


A.        Offenses against Peace and Order


            1. Acts Causing Minor Disturbance in the Classroom. Any student shall be penalized by committing and causing minor disturbance inside the classroom which cause disturbance in the observance of peace and order.

            2. Alarm and Scandal. Any student, who within the premises of the institution, discharges any firearm, firecracker or other explosive materials/devices calculated to cause alarm or danger, shall be penalized. Any act calculated to disturb the holding of classes or authorized meetings is also prohibited.

            3. Annoying or Harassing Fellow Student. Any student shall be held liable for aggravating circumstances that may cause infuriation among the students.

            4. Any Serious Violation of Government Laws. Any student who shall willfully and deliberately violate government laws inside or outside the campus shall be penalized.

            5. Brawls on Campus. Any student, who shall engage in a fight inside the campus, for whatever reason, shall be penalized.

            6. Bringing and or/ Drinking Alcohol or Intoxicating Beverages/ Use or Possession of Liquor. No student is allowed to bring or drink alcohol or any intoxicating beverages inside the school premises. Drinking, mere possession and staying inside the campus under the influence of liquor is prohibited and punishable. The mere smell of liquor is a sufficient ground to consider the student under the influence of liquor.

            7. Entering the Campus Under the Influence of Alcohol or Prohibited Drugs. No student shall be permitted to enter the school premises under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.

            8. Illegal Assembly and Unauthorized Organizations. Students or any student organization shall be subject to penalty if found guilty of illegal assembly and formed unauthorized groups which are not accredited.Appropriate sanctions will be accorded to violators

            9. Littering.No student is allowed to dispose or scatter garbage anywhere.

            10. Loitering.Students on their vacant periods must not stay along corridors, disturb classes, make unnecessary noise or commit any act that would unduly disrupt and prevent on-going classes.

            11. Possession of Firearms,Explosive Materials and Deadly Weapons. No student shall be allowed to carry firearms, licensed or not, explosive materials and deadly weapon inside the school premises.

            12. Possession of Indecent and Immoral Videos, Publications or Pornographic Materials. Students who pass around or exhibit indecent or pornographic materials such as pictures, videos and books are prohibited. Violators will be subject to penalty and litigation.

            13. Provoking or Inducing One to a Fight. Any student who is found to have that initiated or provoked another or other students into a fight will be held liable. Appropriate sanctions will be accorded.

            14. Selling, Using and Possession of Prohibited Drugs and Paraphernalia.  Selling, administration, possession, distribution and delivery of any dangerous drugs such as but not limited to opium, morphine, shabu, heroin, marijuana, and cocaine shall be penalized.

            15. Smoking. No student shall be allowed to smoke anytime in any area in the campus.

            16. Unauthorized Distribution or Display of Placards and Other Propaganda Materials. Distribution of propaganda materials without the approval of the Office of the Student Affairs is prohibited. Display of placards and other propaganda materials on places other than those designated for student organizations is likewise prohibited.

             17. Unauthorized Possession, Distribution and Use of Poisonous, Corrosive and Explosive Materials. Any student who is found to carry, distribute or use poisonous, corrosive and explosive materials shall be penalized.


B.       Offenses against Person


1. Acts of Lasciviousness. A student shall be penalized by committing upon another person of either sex, under any circumstances mentioned in Article 355, Revised Penal Code.

2. Assault to School Authorities.  Any student who shall attack, or employ force to any school authority shall be liable for said offense.

3. Disrespect to Person in Authority. Students who cursed, uttered derogatory remarks or used foul words and did acts of disrespect to person-in-authority shall be penalized.

4. Libel. Students who committed public and malicious imputation of a crime, or a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status, or circumstances tending to cause the dishonor, discredit, or contempt of a natural or juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead shall be penalized.

5. Coercions. Students who, without authority of law, shall, by means of violence, threats or intimidation, prevent another from doing something not prohibited by law, or compel him to do something against his will shall be penalized.

6. Threats. Any student who shall threaten another with infliction upon the person, honor or property of the latter or his family of any wrong doing amounting to a crime shall be penalized.

7. Disturbance of Peace and Order. Student shall be penalized by causing, committing any acts or inciting others to cause disturbance of peace and order inside the campus.

8. Hazing Resulting to Serious Injuries.  Any member of a fraternity/sorority who shall inflict harm upon another student, resulting to serious injuries, as part of an initiation rite, in violation of the anti-hazing law, shall be penalized.

9. Physical Assault. Any student who shall attack or inflict force upon another student shall be penalized.


C.Offenses against Properties


1. Extortion. Students, who, by force, will demand something from his fellow anything of real value will be penalized and be held liable.

2. Destruction of School Properties.Students are responsible in using school properties with care. A student who causes any damage to property willfully or not, by any means (e.g., vandals, graffiti and the like) shall be required to replace, pay, or repair the damage and shall be subjected to disciplinary measures.

3. Forcible Entry and Unauthorized Use of School Facilities.  Any student who shall break any wall, roof, floor or window in order to enter a room, building or any enclosure shall be penalized. The use of school facilities without the prior approval of school officials concerned is also prohibited.

4. Improper Use of Classroom and School Facilities. No student or group of students shall use school facilities without care. Improper use of classroom or any other school facilities will be subjected to penalties and restitution.

5. Malicious Mischief.Students who shall deliberately cause damage to the property of another student shall be punished.

6. Robbery. Students who, with intent to gain, shall take any personal property belonging to another, by means of violence against or intimidation of any person, or using force upon things shall be penalized.

7. Stealing. Any student who will be caught and proven to have taken anything from fellow students will be held liable and subjected to retribution of what was taken.

8. Theft.  Students who, with intent to gain but without violence against or intimidation of neither persons nor force upon things,shall take the property of another without the latter’s consent shall be penalized.

9. Unauthorized Use of Organization’s Funds. Any student who shall use organization’s funds without authority and for purposes to which the same are not intended shall be penalized.


D.Offenses against School’s Interest


1. All forms of Immorality. Indecent acts such as necking, petting, torrid kissing, physical imposition of sexual desire upon another person, indecent exposure of human body regardless of sex shall be punished.

2.  Gambling. A student who directly or indirectly takes part in any game or activities the result of which depends wholly or chiefly upon chance or hazard, involving money, or other considerations is strictly prohibited and penalized.

3. Pornographic Materials. Students who pass around or exhibit indecent or pornographic materials such as pictures, videos, magazines and books are prohibited.

4. Cheating. Students who in order to have good grades used unauthorized means and methods in answering examinations, preparing projects, and other academic requirements, such as plagiarism, copying someone’s answer, submission of copied term papers and exercises and the like shall be penalized.

5. Cheating in Major Examinations or Major Academic Requirements. Any student who shall copy during major examinations or shall copy and reproduce as his/her own output the work of another person in major academic requirements (e.g. term papers, case studies and theses) shall be penalized.

6. Defacing and Using of Another ID. Any student who shall willfully and deliberately deface and use another student’s ID shall be penalized.

7. Falsification. Students who shall imitate any handwriting, signature or rubric, shall makes untruthful statements in a narration of facts made by them, shall alter true dates, makes any alteration or intercalation in a genuine document which changes its meaning shall be penalized.

8. Forging, Falsification, Tampering of Official School Records or Documents. Any student, who without authority, shall erase, substitute or alter by any means the figures, letters, words or signs contained in a document or shall imitate the signature in an official record or document shall be penalized.

9. Habitual Disregard and Willful Violation of School Policies and Regulations. Any student who shall willfully and deliberately violate school policies and regulations, more than two times a month shall be penalized.

10. Incomplete or Improper Uniform. Any student who shall willfully and deliberately wear not the proper or appropriate uniform during the prescribed school days except on designated “wash days” or declared “field days” and “special days” shall be subjected for penalty. 

11. Non-wearing or Improper Use of ID. Any student who vehemently neglects the rules on the wearing of ID shall be penalized accordingly. Any student who willfully used another student’ ID will be subject for appropriate sanctions as prescribed herein.

12. Plagiarism. Any student who shall copy the statements or writings in a book, newspaper or other print materials without acknowledging the author and make the same as his/her own work shall be penalized.



Article IV. Disciplinary Measures


Sec.  1.       Disciplinary Measures include:

a.    Not allowing the offender to enter, or ordering the offender to immediately leave the classroom or campus;

b.   Reprimanding/Warning  of the same offense will be dealt with severely;

c.    Officially informing the parents or guardians of the offense/s committed;

d.   Requiring the offender to submit a written apology and/or a written promise not to commit the same offense again and/or a written promise of the parents or guardians that the offender will be placed under closer supervision.


Sec.  2. Disciplinary Measures are summary in nature and may be applied by any Persons in Authority for first offenses. They are not penalties; hence, they must be immediately executed.


Article V. Circumstances Affecting Students’ Liability


Sec. 1.  The following shall be considered in imposing the penalty:


a.     previous records

b.    degree of malice and intent involved

c.     position, age and sex of aggrieved party

d.    established precedents

e.     amount of harm or damaged caused

f.     conduct (attitude and behavior) during the investigation

g.    other circumstances surrounding the situation such as (aggravating, justifying, exempting, and mitigating circumstances under the Revised Penal Code)


Article VI. Provisions on Sanctions


Sec. 1.        Any student caught or proven to have violated any of the existing policies, rules and regulations of the school shall be subjected to one or more of the following disciplinary sanctions:

·        Reprimanding

·        Warning

·        Counseling 

·        Restitution of property

·        Payment for damages

·        Deprivation of privileges like running for any office in the Council or other organizations or enjoying scholarship grants

·        Suspension

·        Dismissal or dropping

·        Expulsion


 Sec. 2. The following offenses or any combination thereof shall be meted with disciplinary sanction for the first and second commission.

·        Acts causing minor disturbance in the classroom

·        Habitual tardiness

·        Improper use of classroom and school facilities

·        Incomplete or improper uniform

·        Littering

·        Loitering

·        Non-wearing or improper use of ID

·        Possession of indecent and immoral videos, publications or pornographic materials

·        Wearing of inappropriate accessories for male


Sec. 3.  The following offenses or any combinations thereof shall be punishable by suspension from five (5) days to 30 days for the first commission, suspension for one semester for the second commission and dismissal for the third commission:

a.    Acts of lasciviousness

b.   Annoying or harassing fellow student/s

c.    Brawls on campus

d.   Bringing and/or drinking alcoholic or intoxicating beverages

e.    Disrespect to school authorities

f.    Distribution and exhibition of indecent and immoral publications or pornographic materials

g.   Entering the campus under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs

h.    Extortion

i.     Forcible entry and unauthorized use of school facilities

j.     Gambling

k.    Habitual disregard and willful violation of school policies and regulations

l.     Illegal assembly and unauthorized organization

m.  Immoral conduct

n.    Physical assault

o.   Plagiarism

p.   Provoking or inducing one to a fight

q.   Smoking

r.     Stealing

s.    Tampering,defacing and using of another ID

t.     Tampering of official communication

u.    Vandalism or destruction of school property

v.    Unauthorized distribution or display of placards and other propaganda materials

w.   Unauthorized use of organization funds

x.    Commission of any of the minor offenses for the third time.


Sec. 4.     The following offenses are punishable by dismissal or expulsion:

a.    Alarm and scandal

b.   Any serious violation of government laws in or off campus

c.    Assault to school authorities

d.   Cheating in major examinations or major academic requirements

e.    Forging, falsification, tampering of official school records or documents

f.    Hazing resulting to serious injuries

g.   Possession of firearms and deadly weapon

h.    Selling, using and possession of prohibited drugs and paraphernalia

i.     Unauthorized possession, distribution and use of poisonous, corrosive and explosive materials


Sec.5.        Any student, proven to have violated any offense under crimes against property shall, in addition to sanctions provided in this code, replace the property or pay for the value of property whichever is applicable.


Sec. 6.       If the offense proven to have been committed constitutes unauthorized use of organization fund, the student shall be deprived of the privilege to run for any office in the council or other organizations in addition to the sanction provided under Sec. 3 of Article VII.



Article VII. Sanctions and Penalties


Sec.1.        A.   Minor Offense 

                              1stOffense: Reprimand                   

                              2ndOffense: Warning                                   

                              3rdOffense: 1 week suspension and counseling


                  B.   Major Offense

1st Offense: 1 month suspension and counseling

2ndOffense: 1 semester suspension and counseling

3rdOffense: 1 school year suspension and counseling

4thOffense: Dismissal from the College


                  C.   Non-Wearing of School ID

1st Offense: Reprimand/Warning

2ndOffense: 5 Hours of Service in OSAS

3rdOffense: 10 Hours of Service in OSAS

Subsequent Offenses: 20 Hours of Service in OSAS


                  Note:    In cases where ID’s were left in their residence or cottages, student should report to the OSAS for the issuance of Pass Slip. Pass Slip can only be availed once.


                  D.   Absenteeism/Tardiness

                                    d.1.      For3-unit subjects (54 hours)

                                                            2tardiness = 1 absence

                                                            6hours maximum unexcused absences

                                                            7hours and up – Grade of 5.0 (Failed)

                                    d.2.      For 5-unit subjects (90 hours)

                                                            2tardiness = 1 absence

                                                            9hours - maximum unexcused absences

                                                            10hours and up – Grade of 5.0 (Failed)


                  Note:          Allowable absence is not a privilege but a provision for absences due to medical reasons and unavoidable circumstances.


                  E.  Light Threats/Coercions

1st Offense: 1 Week Suspension

2ndOffense: 1 Month Suspension

3rdOffense: 1 Semester Suspension


                  F.   Grave Threats/Coercions

1stOffense: 1 Semester Suspension

2ndOffense: 1 School Year Suspension

3rdOffense: Dismissal from the College


                  G.  Cheating, Plagiarism and Falsification

1st Offense: Grade of 5.0 and Suspension for 1 Semester

2ndOffense: Grade of 5.0 and Suspension for 1 School Year

3rdOffense: Grade of 5.0 and Dismissal from the College


                  H.    Unauthorized Meetings/Conferences, Activity without Permit and without Organization’s Adviser 

1st Offense: Warning

2ndOffense: Suspension of Recognition of the Organization

                              No activities to be approved for 1 semester

3rdOffense: Suspension for 1 School Year

4thOffense: Organization is banned from the College


                  I.   Possession of Firearms and Selling of Prohibited Drugs

1st Offense: Dismissal from the College


                  J.  Possession of Deadly Weapon/s

1stOffense:             1 Semester Suspension and Confiscation of Deadly Weapon/s

2ndOffense:            1 School Year Suspension and Confiscation of Deadly Weapons

3rdOffense:             Dismissal from the College


                  K.   Theft and Robbery

1stOffense:             1 Semester Suspension and Restitution of the Value of the Property

2ndOffense:            1 School Year Suspension and Restitution of the Value of the Property

3rdOffense:             Dismissal from the College and Restitution of the Value of the Property


                  L.   Violation of R.A. 8049 (Anti – Hazing Law)

A.Person/s directly involved in Hazing Act

                  1st Offense:       Dismissal from the College

B.Organization/s violating the R.A. 8049

                  1st Offense:       Suspension in Conducting Activity

                                          No accreditation for 1 School Year


                  M. Less Serious Physical Injuries Causing the Offended Party Incapacitated to Work for 10 days or More (Art. 265, Revised Penal Code)

1stOffense:          1 Semester Suspension and Payment of Damages

2ndOffense:         1 School Year Suspension and Payment of Damages

3rdOffense:          Dismissal from the College and payment of Damages


                  N.   Serious Physical Injuries Causing the Offended Party to be Insane, Imbecile, Impotent, Blind, Shall Have Lost an Eye, a Foot, Arm, Leg or Shall be Incapacitated to Work (Art. 265, Revised Penal Code)

1stOffense:          1 School Year Suspension and Payment of Damages

2ndOffense:         Dismissal from the College and Payment of Damages



Article VIII. Committee on Discipline


Sec. 1.        The Committee on Discipline for CBSUA Pili Campus shall be composed of the following:

                                    The College Chaplain

                                    The Director of the Office of Student Affairs and Services

                                    The Guidance Counselor

                                    The Prefect of Discipline


Sec. 2.        The Committee on Discipline for CBSUA Sipocot Campus shall be composed of the following:

                  The Chairperson of the Office of Student Affairs

                  The Department Chairperson Concerned

                  The Guidance Counselor

                  The Prefect of Discipline


Sec. 3.        The Committee on Discipline for CBSUA Calabanga Campus shall be composed of the following:

                  The Chairperson of the Office of Student Affairs

                   The Guidance Counselor

                  The Prefect of Discipline


Article IX. Disciplinary Procedures


Sec. 1. Amicable Settlement – A student who committed any of the offenses under Article IV and the aggrieved party shall be sent to his/her College Dean/Department Chairperson together with the adviser for settlement of dispute. If parents are needed, their presence during the settlement shall be required.  Failure to settle the dispute shall result to the filing of complaint.


Sec.2.      Filing of Complaints – A written complaint duly signed by the complainant shall be filed with the Office of the Prefect of Discipline. It shall be filed personally by the student, his parent or guardian, or any Faculty Member, College Official, and Security Officer most directly concerned or in whose presence the violation was committed.


Sec. 3.     Summary Inquiry –Should a prima facie case exist, a formal charge against the respondent/s shall be issued and an answer shall be submitted three (3) days upon receipt thereof. If the respondent admits his fault/guilt, the Committee on Discipline shall recommend the corresponding penalty to the Director for Student Affairs and Services for implementation of sanction.


Sec. 4.     Hearing –If the respondent does not admit his/her guilt, hearing or trial of the case shall commence. Consistent with the requirements of due process, technicalities in procedural rules and in the presentation and admission of evidence shall be dispensed with as far as practicable.


Sec. 5.     Decision –The Committee on Discipline shall render a decision within five (5) days from the date of the last hearing. The decision must be in writing and shall state the facts proven, rules violated and the penalties imposed. A copy of the decision for disciplinary action shall be immediately forwarded to the student’s parent or guardian.


Sec. 6.     Appeal –Only cases with penalties of one-month suspension or more; dismissal and expulsion shall be given cognizance for reconsideration or appeal. All pleadings to this effect shall be filed to the Office of the University President. The penalties recommended by the Committee to the President in all other cases shall be non-appealable and shall become final and executory.



Article X. Miscellaneous Provisions


Sec. 1.  All rules previously issued by the school that are in conflict with the provisions of this Code of conduct are hereby repealed.


Sec. 2.  This Code of Conduct shall take effect upon approval by the Board of Regents.