Borrowing of books

Library card holders enjoy the privilege of borrowing some library resources for home use. Present properly counter signed library card every time you wish to avail of the services of the library.

The library card is non-transferable. Library Card presented by any person other than the owner shall be confiscated and the person misusing it shall be subjected to disciplinary action.

Steps in borrowing library materials:

1.Present validated library card to the librarian/library staff.

2.The library staff shall check the Library card and shall scan the book to be borrowed.

3.The borrower shall print his/her name on the book card and shall leave his/herlibrary card with the library until the material borrowed is returned

.Books which can be borrowed over noon (borrowing starts at 11am and returned at 2pm of the same day) and overnight (borrowing starts at 4pm and returned at 9am of the following day) are the following:

-General Circulation



Note:Fine of shall be charged for overdue books excluding Sundays and holidays.


.Books in the Reserve section may be borrowed overnight.

.Books to be used inside the library only are the following:





-serials(newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, journals, etc.


-theses,dissertations and manuscripts

.Home reading books (fiction books) may be borrowed for a period of one week,subject to renewal for another week unless earlier recalled by the Librarian.