Executive Summary



“Movingtowards one goal and one action in achieving culture of excellence in theCollege of Arts and Sciences”.  The FY 2013 was the time when a decisiveaction has to be made to anchor its programs in instruction and undertakeextension, research and development programs responsive to the mandate of theuniversity.

ForFY 2013, the College of Arts and Sciences programs/thrusts were thefollowing;

(a) qualityinstruction (b) student development (c) faculty and staff development (d)quality research (e) quality extension (f) quality governance and (g)facilities development.

Theaccomplishments of the college under its major programs/thrusts are summarizedbelow:




Enrolment rate increased by0.165 % this academic year with a total of 160 students compared to 142enrollees the previous year.  Strictimplementation of admission and retention policy for AB English, BS Math and BSBio was observed.


Twelve student developmentactivities sponsored by the college in partnership with the Office of StudentAffairs and Services benefitting a total of 1,276 participants.

Six hundred ninety four CASstudents attended three local trainings.

Forty six CAS students withscholarship grants from sponsoring agencies. Twenty three are recipients ofinstitutional scholarship and twenty three government scholarships.

Facultyand Staff Development 

One (1) faculty of the Collegeof Arts and Sciences is a recipient of a full-time scholarship for her doctoraldegree.

Eight (8) faculty membersenrolled in doctoral degree as part-time scholars and three (3) faculty membersenrolled in Masteral degree as part-time scholars.

Forty two faculty members attendedtrainings/seminars.  Six attendedinternational seminars/trainings while seventeen national, three regional andthe rest attended local seminars and trainings.


Fourteen research papers werepresented by the CAS faculty.  Ten ofwhich were international level, one was national level, two was regional level,and one was local level.

Eighteen extension activitiesconducted by the college catering the DepEd teachers, LGU-personnel, out ofschool youth, students inside and outside of the University.