Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


"Excellence inGraduate Education in Agriculture and Industrial Technology."


"Provide graduateprograms geared to produce a core development managers who are competent andskilled to pursue technology and knowledge generation activities foragricultural and industrial development."


Produce higher levelof professionals who are ethical, responsive motivated, pro-active, and experton instructional technology management in agricultural and industrial sectors.

General Objectives

1. Train development-oriented managers and entrepreneursthrough the offering of graduate programs in agriculture and industrialtechnology which can provide managerial entrepreneurial technical and researchcapabilities to its graduates;
2. Develop experts in agriculture, education,and industrial technology who shall serve as agents in carrying out countrysidedevelopment;
3. Provide fora for the exercise of academicfreedom, continuing education and quest for new knowledge through research anddevelopment endeavors; and,
4. Achieve excellence in graduate education bycontinuously evaluating and improving the quality of its faculty, curricularprograms and facilities.