CBSUA faculty, managers prep for curricular reform

Coach Cherry Pua-Africa, World Stage International master consciousness trainer, shares inspiring messages.

CAROLINA, NAGA CITY –“The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire.”This underpinned the two-day TEAM BONDING: FOSTERING INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY IN CURRICULAR REFORM THROUGH NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING held December 14-15, 2017 at Haciendas de Naga, Carolina, Naga City.

Fifty-eight faculty, administrators, and officials of CBSUA ignited their inner fire by gamely taking part in a series of lecture-discussions and group dynamics activities that culminated with a fire walk.

The team-building activity embodies the neuro-linguistic program (NLP)model as a transformation tool.NLPhinges on language- and sensory-based behavior-modification techniques to meet goals and fuel one’s drive to achieve these goals.

Coach Cherry Pua-Africa, World Stage International master consciousness trainer, emphasized that one creates one’s results. This, she said, is embodied in ancient and modern cultures.For instance, the Hebrew word ‘abracadabra’ translates to ‘I create what I speak.’

Her talks tackled the roles of the head brain, the heart brain, and the gut-brain in achieving goals and breakthroughs. “Your head will tell you what you want in your life. That’s your vision. That’s very important. That’s your logic. Your heart will tell you who you want to keep in your life. And your gut– your behavior – will tell you who stays in your life forever.”

Alexander Genesis Dungca, World Stage International pathfinder, reminded the group that keeping one’s inner fire burning is a personal responsibility.He reminded the participants to remember DFTBA – “Don’t forget to be awesome.”

The team-building activities emphasized the importance of communication in achieving the desired results. Coach Cherry pointed out that the human brain is capable of taking in 4 million bits of information per second. However, the human brain also deletes, distorts, and generalizes so that only it only takes in plus or minus 7 chunks of information per second. She said, “wisdom can come to us anytime we want by paying more attention.” In the NLP model, the communicator is 100% responsible for the success of the communication process.

President Georgina J. Bordado, DBM headed the CBSUA participants. With her were Dr. Ramon C. Arimado, Vice President for Administration and Finance as well as Prof. Josephine F. Cruz, Vice President for Research and Development. 

Primalou Imperial