2nd Annual Pinning Ceremony for Student- Teachers

Faith in God, commitment, and passion were the attributes that Resource Speaker Hon. Rolando G. Andaya Jr. wanted to instill to the CBSUA Student-Teachers in his talk at the 2nd Annual Pinning Ceremony for Student Teachers on November 22, 2018 at CBSUA-Pasacao. About two hundred seventy (270) future educators took part in the ceremony.
  “Teachers are leaders of the community. Like a parent to his child, teachers are willing to be selfless and to think about the welfare of others instead of thinking about their own, and that’s the kind of leader that we need in our community. That is the message that I want to impart to you today. Life is about sharing of talents. You have a gift of love; you have a gift of communication as teachers, so share it. The most selfless thing you can do in life is to share.” so said Hon. Rolando G. Andaya Jr. 
President Alberto N. Naperi, other University Officials, parents and benefactors graced the occasion.