HRD sponsors public service program and workplace ethics seminar

     The Human Resource Development headed by Dr. Gladys G. Rosales, in cooperation with the Human Resource Management Office sponsored the Public Service Values Program and Workplace Ethics Seminar on November 22, 2016 at the CN.Divinagracia Hall.

     The seminar was participated by the clerks and front liners of the different colleges and units of the University.

     The seminar tackled topics on the Public Service Values and CBSUA Guiding Values, Sexual Harassment, The Role of Public Service in the Philippines, and Workplace Ethics discussed by 4 resource speakers. Dr. Rosales discussed the first top icon public service values and CBSUA guiding values wherein she emphasized that in rendering proper service everything is all about connecting and collaborating to make every step successful.

     Atty. Sean Paulo Dumalasa, the University Legal Officer tackled the topic on “Sexual Harassment,” citing the state policy regarding harassment, its forms, degrees of offense and counter sanctions and penalties. The topic raised various situational queries such as the standard procedure being done once a complaint was raised by a victim of harassment in a workplace setting which was answered by Atty. Dumalasa.

    Dr. Benjamin P. Blanco, _ on the other hand, discussed “The Role of Public Service in the Philippines” highlighting sections one to eight of the code of conduct and ethical standards for public official and employees, the quality of public service being rendered by government officials and employees to its clientele, and the norms of conducts of public officials and employees. He point out the need for commitment to public service and the need for the employees and even officials to be honest in their jobs.

   Prof. Joan R. Dulong of the University of Northeastern Philippines tackled the topic on “Workplace Ethics,” pointing out the dos and don’ts in the workplace ethics such as poor customer service, gossiping, blackmail, lying; commitment to public service, patriotism, professionalism and responsiveness to public among others. She also asked the participants in an activity to list down bad traits they observed in their respective work setting, good traits they see in themselves that they wanted to improve and good traits of their colleagues that they observe in the workplace.

   The seminar was in part with the University’s goal on enhancing the University’s resources, especially its human resources in the administrative and academic setting; and to train the clerks and front liners of the University of their roles, responsibilities and rights.