Accounting Office

Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Oversee the approval and processing of revenues, expenditures, and position control documents, salary updates, ledger and account maintenance and data entries, ensuring compliance with University and government policies and regulations while maintaining
appropriate internal control safeguards;
b. Prepare financial statements at the institution level and fiscal and budget reports for internal management and
external agencies;
c. Develop projections and analysis with conclusions and recommendations for management;
d. Coordinate and analyze fiscal and budget systems for control, policies, and procedures, and expedite audits;
e. Review changing laws and procedures for accounting purposes and makes recommendations for or implement
changes in accordance with institutional policy;
f. Maintain records system in accordance with generally accepted accounting and auditing standards;
g. Advise units on the improvement of current fiscal procedures, implementation of new fiscal policies, and training of
accounting personnel;
h. Promote harmonious relationship with other accounting office coordinators in other campuses; and
i. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the University President.


Head of Office

Acting University Accountant

Contact details

[email protected]

(054) 871 5531 to 33 local 109