Students’ Organizations

Students Organizations under the College of Development Education
The College of Development Education is home for a number of students who are multi-faceted and multi-talented. They can enter as many organizations that will help greatly develop their talents, skills, and potentials. 
The umbrella organization of the college is the Society of Development Educators (SDE). The officers act as the main initiators of the education students’ activities. Its annual activities are the Acquaintance Party, Induction and Ball every June, Search for CDE Idols, Intramurals Facilitation and Participation, the Educators’ day every January, Org’s Week Participation, CBSUA Christmas Party, and General Assemblies once or twice a semester. This and many more activities are initiated and participated in by the society. All students in CDE are automatic members of this society as well as the Future Farmers of the Philippines Collegiate Chapter (FFPCC), undergrad or alumni.
Under the SDE are other sub-organizations that initiates activities that are anchored on the students major fields of specialization. These are the LET, GEMs, PBSSU, LFMT, Retorika, EMTS, and FFPCC. Almost all were founded in the year 2008 except for the SDE and FFPCC (which was found quite a long time ago), Retorika (2010) and EMT (2011).
  • The League of Elementary Teachers (LET) is exclusive for the students taking the Bachelor of Elementary Education.
  • The Guild of English Majors (GEMs) is exclusive for students taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English.
  • The Physical and Biological Science Students Union (PBSSU) is for the Physical and Biological Science majors.
  • The League of Future Mathematics Teachers (LFMT) for the Mathematics majors.
  • Retorika is for the Filipino majors.
  • Educational Media Technology Society (EMTS) is for the Educational Media Technology majors.