Duties and Responsibilities:

a. Provide technical, coordinative and secretarial support to
the University wide implementation of gender
b. Develop medium term plan for gender and development in
collaboration with the various clusters and colleges of the
c. Ensure that GAD policies and concerns are mainstreamed
in the University policies and articulated in the University
programs, projects, and activities (PPA’s);
d. Prepare annual work and financial plan for GAD to be
submitted to the Board of Regents, National Commission
on the Role of Filipino Women, NEDA, and the DBM for
e. Spearhead implementation of GAD PPA’s with the
University clusters and colleges;
f. Monitor the implementation of GAD PPA’s by the
University clusters and colleges;
g. Prepare report of accomplishments to be submitted to the
above-mentioned offices;
h. Promote harmonious relationship with GAD coordinators
in other campuses; and
i. Perform other duties and functions as delegated by the
University President.