Seal, Coat of Arms, and Hymn



           This seal bears the name of the Institution - Central Bicol State University of Agriculture andits dynamic elements that represent the philosophy, vision, thrusts and programs of the College.The triangle represents the CBSUA academic community;The torch at the center signifies academic and service excellence; andThe flame symbolizes the search for truth, knowledge and wisdom.



Mayon Volcano epitomizes CBSUA's service to the Province ofCamarines Sur in particular and the Bicol Region in general;

Torch signifies higher level of academic excellence;

Shield stands for the coat that unifies the institutional valuesand beliefs, the reasons for its being;

Salakot symbolizes CBSUA's clients who are productiveand enlightened citizens;

Base signifies its strong institutional foundation and resources; and,

Golden Grains depict increased productivity and better quality of life.


In the Heart of Bicolandia
Of fertile verdant fields
Endowed by Isarog
With nature's bounteous yield

For the youth with willing hands
A place to till the soil
A school to train the mind
and learn the love of toil


So open wide thy portals dear
For loyal sons are we
Thy clarions call we'll always hear
We fondly come to thee.

Our CBSUA of old
Of love and glory told (Repeat 2x)

(Repeat Refrain)