Farmer-Scientist Ramon Penalosa lectures on Integrated Farming System for Sustainable Agriculture

CEM faculty members embody business models. CBSUA students illustrate an integrated farming approach.

A Lecture Series titled, "Integrated Farming System for Sustainable Agriculture: An Eco-friendly Approach was held at the Ciriaco N. Divinagracia Hall on September 25, 2016. The activity featured Ramon Penalosa, one of the pioneers in organic farming in Negros Occidental and the first president of Organik na Negros!, the Organic Producers and Retailers Association which organizes the annual Negros Island Organic Farmers Festival.

In his lecture, Penalosa stated that agriculture is not the weakest sector of the Philippine society. He declared that agriculture is fresh, sexy and tasty; it is the way to go. He further expounded that agriculture is the way to improve our standard of living. It can provide us with a better source of income thus, help improve the quality of our lives. He stressed that this could be possible if we have proper knowledge of agriculture and agribusiness. 

The lecture is aimed at inspiring the participants to promote agriculture through integrated farming systems; explore integrated farming system as an innovative research area; and empower the participants by engaging in agripreneurship, organic agriculture, and agritourism. 

It was organized by the Knowledge Management Unit of the Research Division and was attended by faculty members, staff and students from the different Colleges of the University. (adineros)