Agri-focused SUCs convene to sustain agriculture internationalization, Baja wins poster competition

Photo credit to Visayas State University

University President, Dr.Alberto N. Naperi and two faculty members, Mr. Angelo Francis F. Atole (Department of Animal Science) and Mr. Sherwin M. Baja (Department of Landscape and Environmental Management) attended the State Universities and Colleges-Association  of Colleges of Agriculture in the Philippines (SUC-ACAP) Annual Convention hosted by Visayas State University gathering 68 member-institutions of state and private education institutions offering agriculture programs on 22-24 May 2019 in Baybay, Leyte.

“Developing a competitive human resource and innovative technologies for sustainable internationalization of agriculture” is this year’s theme having the following objectives: 1) to define a protocol for internationalization for sustainable agriculture in the context of human resources development and innovative technologies current to SUC-ACAP institutions; 2) to discuss priority agenda which could enhance competitiveness in agriculture human resources, agri-products and agri-farm services; 3) to sustain sharing of innovative technologies that will make ACAP member institutions internationally competitive; and 4) to link innovations andmatch human resources to the development of agriculture industry, sustain capability building and re-skilling thru academe-industry partnership.

            Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Commissioner, Dr. Prospero De Vera, reiterated that agriculture for the youth can be challenging and more attractive by involving innovations. “The use of old and traditional way of farming is less attractive to the new generation of the youth. In fact, advertising agriculture should change as well as to invite foreign investors and create linkages internationally,” added Dr. De Vera.

            CBSUA delegates presented researches through scientific poster presentation where Mr. Sherwin Baja won third place, and presented orally his research on sting less bee.

            According to the university delegates, internationalization programs become more helpful to SUCs in the Philippines to improve curricular programs. At CBSUA, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture undergoes revision; thus, some of its major fields of specialization need more attention. Meanwhile, exchange of students and faculty abroad, attendance to seminars, and application of technologies in classes strengthen linkages especially in the international level. In the Animal Science Department, livestock and poultry species progress, in particular,could be maximized and sustained through genetic improvement of selected traits and by doing it, the breed will be conserved for the next generation.Innovative technology such as balut vending machine can create market potential for the local.

            “Encouraging students and employees to create international linkages by attending training,graduate studies and other activities, educating students to patronize local products, and making agriculture attractive by applying innovative technologies in classes are few of our plans to implement what transpired in the convention,” said the delegates.