Administrative Council


Alberto N. Naperi, DPA
SUC President IV

Atty. Dominador Faurillo
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Ana E. Miraña, Ed.D
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Maria Dulce J. Mostoles, Ph.D
Vice President for Research, Extension, Production and Entrepreneurial  Development

Prof. Cesar Armando S. Camba, Sr.
Vice President for External and International Linkages

Engr. Rolando G. de Asis
Campus Administrator- Pili Campus

Helen L. Madela, Ed.D 
Campus Administrator - Calabanga Campus

Maria Liwayway P. Matamorosa, Ph.D
Campus Administrator –Sipocot Campus

Prof. Carlo M. Cornejo
Campus Administrator, Pasacao Campus

Adelfa A. Villaflor, Ph.D
Dean, Graduate School

Ana E. Miraña, Ed.D
Dean, College of Development Education

Jennifer M. Eboña, Ph.D
Dean, College of Engineering and Food Science

Prof. Jeniffer S. Francisco
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Ilene B. Mirabeles, DVM, Ph.D
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

Marilyn B. Balderas, Ph.D
Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Gladys G. Rosales, Ph.D
Dean, College of Economics and Management

Dariel A. Palmiano, Ph.D
Dean, College of Arts and Science (Calabanga)

Cornelio E. Funtanar, PhD.
Dean, College of Industrial Technology (Calabanga)

Marabel T. Bernal, Ph.D
Dean, College of Education (Calabanga)

Kristine May A. Caceres, Ph.D
Dean, College of Education (Pasacao)

Gerry A. Bongalos
Dean, College of Criminology (Sipocot)

Prof. Ariel M. Almasco
Dean, College of Industrial Technology (Sipocot)

Dennis C. Gabon 
Dean, College of Information Technology (Sipocot)

Ana Maria A. Bonito, Ed.D
Dean, College of Education (Sipocot)

Emerson L. Bergonio, Ph.D
Director, Institutional Planning and Development

Edmundo B. Casaul, Jr.
Director, Production and Entrepreneurial Development

Prof. Cecilio L. Obias
Director, Auxiliary Services Management

Jessel Anne P. Rodriguez
Director, Office of Student Affairs and Services

Lorena F. Hernandez, Ed.D
Director, Extension Services Division

Atty. Dominador F. Faurillo
Director, Financial Management Services Division
Director, General Administrative Services Director

Engr. Dino Jose M. Relativo
Director, Physical Plant and Facilities Division

Prof. Vladimir R. Foronda
Director, Information and Communications Technology

Ramona Isabelle S. Ramirez, Ph.D
Director, Research Division


Rey Eco Sanchez
University/Board Secretary