Information and Communications Technology Office

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2nd Floor, 2nd Main Library, CBSUA, San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur
Tel. No.: +63.4777018
Email Address: ict,


      • Leads the institutional-level planning, program strategy formulation and identification of annual thrust;
      • Designing, establishment and maintenance of local area network as the primary gateway to internet access and link to database being maintained by the University (e.g. SIAs, Accounting System, Attendance System, etc.);
      • Develop and maintain the University Website ( in coordination with the Public Information Office that provide substantial and quality edited digital web content;
      • Maintains the provision of centralized internet services to various offices, students and guest, either through wired or WIFI connetion;
      • Management of the inter-office tele-communication facilities or the private automatic branch exchange telephone system of the University(PABX)
      • Extend technical assistance to offices

    a. Configuration, repair and maintenance of office computers

    • b. Link to local area network for internet services and other intranet services of the ICT Office (e.g. on-line journals, etc.)

    • c. Assessment of local phone for repair, relocation, and connectivity

  • Assist the Supply office in the following functions:
    • Assessment of technical specification items of computers and other ICT devices to be procured
    • Pre-inspection of newly acquired computers and other ICT devices,
    • Assessment of ICT devices and recommend possible actions, either for repair or replacement
  • Collects existing e-learning or digital materials from the internet and other sources (e.g. e-books, manuscripts, publications and other digital collections) and make it available or re-distributed to various University clients through the intranet-LAN
  • Conducts ICT related research and extension services in support to various University Offices
  • Identify and initiate capability development program for faculty, staff and students to hasten ICT adoption in instruction, research projects and extension services;
  • Initiate linkages with various institutions (e.g. funding agencies, national government Agencies, State Universities and Colleges, Non-government Organizations, Local Government Agencies ) to establish partnership towards strengthening University-wide ICT development initiative;
  • Develop and implement special projects that will strengthen ICT adoption in different fields of expertise;
  • Execute other functions designated by the University President;


  • Prof. Vladimir R. Foronda – Director
  • Michael Jeffrey R. Mendez – Technical Assistant (Web related services)
  • Gilbert R. Reazon – Technical Assistant (Network Management)
  • Kenneth Huerte – Computer Technician
  • Michael Bandales – Student Assistant


  • Internet Services for Students, Personnel and Guest
  • ICT Training (Office Application, Web Development, Computer Troubleshooting)
  • Computer Repair for CBSUA Offices
  • Technical Assistance on Network Management