ASIAN Students’ Perception in Generating Innovative Ideas

Arce, AB and Hidalgo, HA


Trends have rapidly overtaken the ability of businesses to evolve. Hence, the future industry would be needing more disruptive individuals to walk the speed of the industrial revolution. This paper aims to explore Asian students’ behavioral skills towards developing an innovative idea. A series of exploratory personal interviews were conducted with twenty-two Asian students. The data were analyzed using a constant comparative method using the four innovative skills in the theory of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition. Using the theory’s framework, four behavioral skills emerged during the process of developing innovative ideas for new ventures such as searching, experiential learning, exploration-based learning, and networking. Data revealed that the students could create new ideas through the learnings they had acquired from their interactions with diverse people during personal and curricular events. Their curiosity served as the primary reason why they delve into searching for more information using the four behavioral skills. Curiosity, therefore, was the primary antecedent of and catalyst for opportunity recognition and creation of innovative ideas. Another factor that motivated the respondents to search for answers was the desire to change the status quo. Finally, it was found that the Asian students were able to recognize some opportunities implied by the patterns of diverse information and ideas derived from the four behavioral skills.

Keywords - Innovative skills, Asian students, opportunity recognition, disruptive innovation.


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