CBSUA joins DENR, Vietnam Agri Univ for ICEEA 2021

The International Conference on Education, Environment, and Agriculture (ICEEA 2021), sponsored by the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, the Vietnam National University of Agriculture, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources thru Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau, was held on August 25-26, 2021 at the Villa Caceres Hotel via Zoom in its conscious effort to foster intellectual discourse and to collect ideas, feedback, and perspectives on technologies and science-based research, as well as the importance of updated global research breakthroughs.
The conference’s objective was to address global research that facilitates in-depth discussion of agricultural technology and concerns while also providing an excellent chance for networking and forging partnerships across national and disciplinary boundaries. It invited professors, directors, deans, researchers, graduate students, and teachers.
Given the volume of information and knowledge generated by university studies, the need to share and impart it has always existed, not only to its target clientele but also to the academic community. As a result, it is deemed critical to disclose the results and solicit comments.
As a result, the conference invited eminent speakers.
The Keynote Address was delivered by Dr. Aldrin A. Darilay, Commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). The latest advances in agriculture, the environment, education, and other related sectors were also discussed by passionate speakers who are specialists in their respective fields of study.
Additionally, facilitators/moderators with technical expertise were assigned to each of the three theme areas in two days.
The first area is ‘Sustainable Agriculture” in which the following were discussed. Sustainable plant production, protection, and quality; biological pest control and IPM in protected systems; Agricultural biodiversity and biological natural resources; agricultural production systems; agricultural economics; and agribusiness and financial management.
The second area is the “Environment,” in which the following topics were highlighted: climate change impacts, adaptation, and mitigation; environmental conservation; building resilient environment; integrated marine and terrestrial management; environmental governance; and environmental education.
Lastly, the third area is “Education,” which includes effective technology in the classroom, curriculum development, innovative classroom learning, instructional methodologies, and improved pedagogical teaching and learning practices.
This conference evolved into a forum to present unique and fundamental breakthroughs in agriculture, the environment, and education. With researchers with a range of skills, this conference also served its objective of promoting communication between researchers and practitioners working in a range of scientific fields who share a shared interest in improving people’s lives.
Nonetheless, as the ICEEA 2021 concluded on a high note, its subject persisted in the caring minds of the researchers and the very fabric of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture: “Sustainable Food Systems and Livelihoods: Translating Discoveries into Solutions and Applications.”
CBSUA has long been recognized as a learning institution based on its capacity to develop and apply new knowledge and technology, which ensures sustained progress toward the university’s objective of becoming a global agricultural research university. The institution places a premium on research and is actively involved in improving the lives of its stakeholders, notably farmers.
Photos below are taken on the second day of ICEEA 2021.
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