The College of Development Education (CDE) in CBSUA Pili, in partnership with CBSUA campuses’ Colleges of Education, Bulacan Agricultural State College (BASC), Benguet State University (BSU), Camarines Norte State College (CNSC), Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST) Pampanga State Agricultural University (PSAU), and UHAMKA (Indonesia), spearheaded the 2nd International, 1st National, and 7th Regional Forum on Education and Research with the theme, “Education Research During COVID-19 and Beyond,” via Zoom teleconferencing on April 17-19, 2023.

The main aim of the forum was to demonstrate the research abilities of both pre-service and in-service teachers, highlighting the innovations and discoveries they have made in the field of teaching and learning. The event was designed to support Sustainable Development Goals #4 and #17, with the explicit objectives of promoting research-based knowledge and technologies related to education in the new learning environment, fostering professional connections between local, national, and international educational institutions, and embracing collaborative knowledge and research strategies.

During the forum, several experts gave presentations on various topics related to education and research. Plenary Session 1, led by Dr. Daniel Palmiano, the Campus Administrator of CBSUA Calabanga, covered the “Readiness of Students for Face-to-Face Classes.” Plenary Session 2, led by Dr. Jerome Buenviaje, the Dean of the College of Education of UP Diliman, focused on “Online Learning Vs. Classroom Instruction.” Dr. Dolores Volante, the Vice President for Academic Affairs of CNSC, covered the topic “COVID-19: Checking the Educational Culture” during Plenary Session 3. During Plenary Session 4, Dr. Takuya Matsuura, an associate professor at Hiroshima University in Japan, gave a talk.

On the second day of the forum, the keynote speaker was Dr. Ahmad Junaidi, a faculty member from Universitas Mataram in Indonesia, who discussed the theme, “Education and Research during COVID and beyond.” During the third day, Dr. Desvian Bandarsyah, MPD, from UHAMKA, delivered a keynote speech on the topic, “ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE: The Wonders in Education and Research after COVID Surge.”

The forum spanned over a period of three days and included plenary sessions, workshops, and paper presentations from diverse educational institutions and industries.

The event was brought to a close with an awarding ceremony, honoring the school collaborators, participants, panel of evaluators, facilitators, timers, as well as the best paper presenters per category and the best forum paper. The ceremony was a fitting finale, acknowledging the efforts and achievements of all individuals and groups involved in the execution of the forum.


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