With the successful implementation of the VLIR-OUS funded research project of CBSUA, “Strengthening Networking and Entrepreneurial Capacity of Cocoa Farmers and Household Processors in Bicol Region Philippines,” 2 of the project team members were invited by the project partner to share and present updates of the project to faculty and graduate students of the University of Ghent in Belgium. The presentation on June 6, 2023, was intended to give insights into preparing a fundable proposal by the UGhent faculty and graduate students required to implement a project with external funding and foreign partners.

The project leader and VP for Research and Innovation, Dr. Ramona Isabel Ramirez, and the Study Leader for IR5 of the project, Professor Ma. Teresa Lirag shared implementation strategies, project impact, and best practices employed in the project implementation conducted during the height of the pandemic. Having successfully completed the project amidst the constraints brought about by the covid-19 pandemic is something the University and project team can be proud of and was greatly appreciated by our project partner.

The visit to UGhent was made after the successful participation of the concerned CBSUA researchers at the Agri-Research Conference sponsored by the European Commission. It likewise gives them the opportunity to promote the CBSUA Agri-Innovation initiatives to invite foreign partners in support of the CBSUA research globalization.

(Report and photos from OVPRI)

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