Under a mutual desire to promote internationalization and agree to the statement of intent on educational, research cooperation, conference, training, lecturer and student exchanges, guest lecturer as well as culture between Warmadewa University (UnWar) and Central Bicol state University of Agriculture (CBSUA), a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on February 6, 2023 at the CND Hall.

Present during the MOU signing were Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, CBSUA SUC President, Dr. Ramona Isabel Ramirez, and the research team spearheaded by Professor Amelia R. Nicolas and Dr. Drs. Anak Agung Gede Oka Wisnumurti, M, Si of UnWar together with the other supporting staff.

After the MOU signing, UnWar and the Research Team conducted an academic visit and international community service at the Nesting Place Integrated Farm Incorporated, Calabanga, Camarines Sur.

The said visit aimed to share the technology of Warmadewa University on Melitourism and Aloe Bignay Drink. The techno-sharing session officially began with the warmest welcome address given by Calabanga Municipal Mayor, Hon. Eugene Norman B. Severo, followed by lectures on “Improving the Quality of Local Honey through GHP and GMP, by Dr. Ir. I Gede Pasek Mangku, MP” and “Functional Drink of Aloe Bignay” by Dr. Ir. Luh Suriati, M.Si.

The talk highlighted the standard operational procedures (SOP) for harvesting local honey, “Kela-Kela” of UnWar, and the Extraction Method of Bignay and Aloe vera to formulate an Aloe-Bignay Drink. Moreover, the talk ended by presenting the by-product of Aloe-Bignay Functional Drink, followed by a question-answer portion concerning the lecture series and misunderstanding about honey production.

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