University’s Bee RDE Initiatives Culminating Activity 2021

CBSUA Regional Apiculture Center conducted the 4th International Webinar on bees with the theme “Young Researchers Boosting the Stingless Bee technology in Asia”, on 15 December 2021.
The webinar adopts a competition format, unlike the previous activities. More specifically, the activity aims to convene presenters from universities around Asia, who studied bee/ products and its application to the topics of food and nutrition, income generation, conservation. resource management, economics, energy development, export generation, import-substitution, and the like to share their findings which were then subjected to evaluation by a panel of experts who have engaged in this series.
This webinar aims to provide an open and accessible platform to learn the engagement of young agriculturists in the advancement of today’s beekeeping, more specifically on stingless bees. The activity allowed beekeepers and other stakeholders to learn from validated resources, assessment research processes, and methodologies, recognize the contributions of each country’s representatives in the advancement of the field and inspire students to engage in the art.
The international webinar was spearheaded by the Regional Apiculture Center Director, Prof. Lilia Capinig Pasiona, with guidance and full support from CBSUA President Dr. Albert Naperi, Vice President for Research and Innovation, Dr. Monet Ramirez, Dr. Maria Dulce J. Mostoles, Editor-in-Chief of ACRIJ, Dr. Ravindra Joshi, visiting professor and consultant of CBSUA and Dr. Aldrin Darilag, CHED Commissioner and the Chairman of CBSUA BOR.
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