Services Offered

1. Enrolment/Registration Procedures are properly posted
2. Issuance of the following:

A. Diploma

B. Transcript of Record

C. Form 137

On Graduation Day


5 days upon receipt of request

3. Release of the following documents upon requests:

1.    Certification of Grades

2.    Certification of Units Earned

3.    Certification of GWA

4.    Certification of Course Content

5.    Certification of Enrollment

6.    Certification that English is the Medium of Instruction

7.    Correction of Name/Date of Birth

8.    CAV

9.    Permit to Cross Enroll

10.  Certification as Honor Graduate

11.  Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credential

1-2 minutes
4.  Graduation The name of the student is subjected to the University  Academic  Council for Endorsement to the Board of Regents for Confirmation