Mission, Goal, and Objectives


Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, with its expertise in agriculture and industrial technology, shall develop and deliver technology to the “rural-urban” areas to spur a higher level of productivity.


  • Excellence in Research;
    Developing a research culture for faculty, staff and students in order to achieve a research university status
  • Effective Research Management
    Managing all aspects of research management and establishing standards and performance action


  • Provide regional research leadership in agriculture and in industrial technology and its allied fields; maintain the status as National University of agriculture in the region and attain a research university status
  • Establish a wide network of partnerships for collaborative research among colleges/ universities and line agencies, local government units and non-government organizations and the international research and development agencies
  • Develop a faculty, staff and student research capability development program
  • Implement functional and relevant research programs
  • Develop and manage technologies and information
  • Establish and upgrade research facilities/centers
  • Enhance the fiscal resource base for research services