Philippine Bidding Documents/Bid Supplement

Copy of Bidding Documents (G-21-08) Purchase of Laboratory Equipment for the Epidemiological Considerations on ASF

Copy of Bidding Documents (G-21-07) Purchase of ICT Equipment and Peripherals

Copy of Bidding Documents (G-21-06) Provision of Health prevention materials

Bidding Documents (G-21-03) Purchase of IT Divices and Equipment for ICTO

(Infra-21-07) “Labor and Materials for Rehabilitation of University Atrium-Provision ofor landscaping, additionalfinishing works, Electricaland Miscellaneous works

(Infra-21-06) “Labor and Materials for Rehabilitationof CND Hall and Research Office

(Infra-21-05) “Labor and Materials for the Repairof Barn House

(Infra-21-04) “Labor and Materials for the Construction of Aquaponics and Green House (Infra-21-04)

(Infra-21-03) “Labor and Materials for the Completion of Administration Building-Provision for Fire Protection System, Electrical Power System, Building and Occupancy Permit and Miscellaneous Works

(Infra-21-02) Procurement and Implementation for Design and Buid Project of Establishment of 2-Storey CBSUA Csience Centrum Laboratory Facility (Infra-21-02)

(Infra-21-01) Completion of Food Technology and Agro-Processing Center

Bid Supplement G- 21-03