Policies on the New Normal

  • The Library is open to clients on Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (No Noon Break).  At 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm the library will be closed for clients to conduct disinfection and cleaning of the fixtures, equipment and its premises.
  • The CBSUA faculty and staff, students, and other clients who will enter the library shall subject to the following health standards:
    1.  Stepping on footbath;
    2.  Wearing of face mask;
    3.  Checking of body temperature; and 
    4.  Disinfect hands by alcohol/alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 
  • Present the validated University ID to the staff on duty when making transaction in the library.  Register in the registration area by scanning the University ID when entering and leaving the library and or signing in the log in form. Non-CBSUA clients are not allowed to research in the library.
  • The number of clients to be accommodated inside the CBSUA Library Campuses will vary according to the space of each building to ensure that physical distancing shall be observed at all times.  Providing of markers and signage to various fixtures and sections are highly visible to guide the clients in the new policies and protocols implemented.
  • Use of digital resources of the library is highly recommended where these online resources can be found the links in the University Library WEBSITE (https://cbsualib-report.wixsite.com/read).  

The following are the number of clients to be accommodated in the various campuses:

    1. Pili Campus will accommodate seventy (70) clients in the 1st floor while the audio-visual room shall accept twenty-five (25) clients and the lecture room shall also have twenty-five (25) clients which accumulated to have one hundred twenty (120) clients to house in the library;
    2. Calabanga Campus will accommodate seventy-four (74) clients in the 1st floor while the sections from the 2nd floor will accommodate forty-four (44) clients which accumulated to have a total of one hundred eighteen (118) clients;
    3. Sipocot Campus will accommodate twenty-seven (27) clients; and
    4. Pasacao Campus will accommodate twenty-six (26) clients. 

          For questions regarding the password, username and other queries, you may visit the University Library WEBSITE (https://cbsualib-report.wixsite.com/read) and click the icon “Ask A Librarian” and select your respective campus. 

  • The policy on borrowing of books shall be modified where the number of days will be extended to the clients:
    1. The regular faculty members may borrow a maximum five (5) books from the general circulation for fourteen (14) days.  While books in the reserve, GAD and BSP sections may be borrowed for seven (7) days only. 
      The Contract of Service (COS) faculty is allowed to borrow book/s provided that there will be a guarantor (regular faculty) who do not have overdue book/s and does not exceed the allowable number of books to borrow.

      The bonafide students may borrow a maximum of three (3) books from the general circulation for seven (7) days except in the sections of Reserve, GAD and BSP which can be used inside the library only.

    2. All books borrowed should be returned promptly on the date stamped on the date due slip.  Otherwise, library fine shall be imposed according to the approved rate of the library.
  • An Online Reservation of Books is a newly established service of the CBSUA Library to clients where the following guidelines for respective campuses shall be observed
    1. For Pili Campus, select the titles of books to be borrowed through the WEB OPAC of the CBSUA Pili Campus by visiting the library website (https://cbsualib-report.wixsite.com/read) and click the icon WEBOPAC Pili Campus for the various titles of books and other resources. 
    2. Meanwhile, for other campuses, Clients may inquire to the campus librarian on the availability of books to be reserved   by visiting the University Library WEBSITE (https://cbsualib-report.wixsite.com/read) then click the icon Ask A Librarian and select your respective Pasacao campus to inquire the book/s you want to reserve.
    3. While you are in the environment of the CBSUA Library Website, click the icon “Online Book Reserve” look for your respective campus and then click the icon Faculty or Students (depending on your status) to be able to fill in the required information in the Google form to reserve the book/s.
    4. The library staff will notify the faculty/student about the availability and schedule for the pick-up of the book/s reserved.
    5. When you pick up the book/s, please bring your validated University ID for verification of the borrower.
  • Borrowed books for home use shall undergo one hundred twenty (120) hours or equivalent to five (5) days quarantine in the designated area upon returned.


Source: OVPA Memo No. 20-06-052, Series of 2020