Do you know Boy Totoy ng Samal, the ‘bee-taming’ native of Davao del Norte? Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’s (KMJS) 899th episode has featured Davao del Norte’s Boy Totoy ng Samal on Sunday, March 13, 2022. He is known for his vlogs where he puts bees in certain parts of his body, and it seems these bees are friendly with him and he barely gets harmed. It is a shocking and unbelievable story at the same time. Our bee expert, Dr. Amelia “Amee” R. Nicolas, an Associate Professor and former Director of the Regional Apiculture Center-Bicol and former Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA), shared her knowledge and views on honey bees relative to the vlogs, particularly on the identity, behavior, handling, and protection of these insects.
KMJS, GMA Network Inc.’s top-rating primetime News and Public Affairs Program, has invited Dr. Nicolas as a resource person on the segment to shed light on the alleged ‘super power’ of Boy Totoy ng Samal and his other non-scientific beliefs about bees. This episode was broadcasted both nationally and internationally, with multiple airings. It was made available on the website, television, and web advertising plugs. GMA’s official website, social media accounts, and YouTube channel likewise featured this.
Dr. Nicolas’ guesting at KMJS as an entomologist-taxonomist specializing in bees gives pride to CBSUA. Indeed, it is another feather in the cap for CBSUA, led by the SUC Level IV President Dr. Alberto N. Naperi, as the expertise of its faculty member has been recognized, not just locally but internationally. Said episode has now gained almost 7.5 million views and still counting.
To view the entire episode, click on the link below.
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