Since the MOU Signing with Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), last January 11, 2021, several activities in line with advocacy of peace education was carried out. One of which was the Peace Education Orientation Program held by HPWL Philippines with the theme “Raising Peace Educators for Peaceful Bicol” held on January 15, 2021 which was attended by over 100 faculty and students.

Free Peace Education educational materials were also sent by HWPL to CBSUA faculty for utilization in their GEC classes. The materials include: Course Syllabus in Peace Education, Peace Education Faculty Manual, Message from the Chairman of HWPL, Our Core Values, Our Vision . . . Our Mission, My Commitment as HWPL Peace Educator, Overview of HWPL Peace Education Lessons, Lesson Plan Class-time Proceedings (Lessons 1-12), Peace Education Presentation Scripts (Lesson 1-12), Peace Education PowerPoint Slides (Lessons 1-12), Peace Education Modules (Lessons 1-12), Peace Education Textbooks (Lessons 1-12), Video clips (Lessons 1-12). This is the link for the materials Peace Education was included in the GEC 4 Ethics which is taken by all CBSUA students.

Faculty members from Pasacao, Sipocot, and Calabanga Campuses also attended the Peace Education Capacity Building Program with the theme “Empowering Educators in Spreading a Culture of Peace ̋ on July 21, 2021, 9AM-12NN and on July 22-23, 2021, 9AM-4PM via Zoom Conference meeting.  This activity aims to: 1. Promote responsive awareness of HWPL’s Peace Education Operations and Initiatives among the administrators, faculty, staff, and students of all institutions in federations, divisions, and eventually, in other regions nationwide; 2. Provide a venue for the opportune recall and prompt realization of CHED-instated documents pertinent to Peace Education (CMO #1 s. 2019); 3. Present HWPL’s Peace Education Instructional Materials, Class-time Proceedings and Lesson Proper Exemplar for recommended use of Peace Education Teachers; 4. Prepare Peace Education Teachers in the efficient and effective conduct of Peace Education Class- time proceedings; and 5. Propagate the spread of the culture of peace among students to become peace makers at home, peace messengers in the community, peace educators in the nation and peace ambassadors in the world through the corporate efforts of the school and their Peace Education Teachers.

According to the Executive Director of HWPL Philippines, Soo Oh, peace education is one of HWPL’s core initiatives and values education to pass peace on to posterity. HWPL peace education’s vision is to enlighten students and cultivate talented individuals with the values and spirit of peace, who can then play a pioneering role in spreading the culture of peace. In adherence to CMOs 1 Series of 2019, otherwise known as the ‘Integration of Peace Studies/Education into the Relevant Higher Education Curricula’. HWPL has been helping your CBSUA to implement this memorandum through several capacity building program. The teachers and peace educators are the keys for making the youth to be tomorrow’s decision-makers and advocates of peace. Therefore, there is a need to collaborate with each other with one goal to raise awareness towards peace and speak up our voices.

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