In a continued pursuit for innovation and elevation of academic standards, the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty attended a two-day Seminar-Workshop on Curricular Proposal Development on November 9-10, 2023, at the CND Hall.

This seminar-workshop aimed to arm the CAS faculty with crucial knowledge in the revision and improvement of their existing course offerings as well as the development of curriculum for the proposed communication program offering with a specialization in agricultural extension.

Experts such as Dr. Kennedy Beltran, Director of the Curriculum and Instruction Division; Dr. Emerson Bergonio, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Ms. Myra Luz Homillano, Director of the Knowledge Management Center; and Dr. Cely S. Binoya, Program Accreditation and Technical Consultant of Mariner’s Polytechnic Foundation, imparted their knowledge to the faculty and answered their queries. They provided feedback and recommendations on the present curriculum of the courses CAS is offering. Moreover, they provided guiding considerations that the CAS must deliberate on during the crafting process of the curriculum for the proposed additional course, such as the conduct of feasibility studies.

Workshops were conducted to review the present curriculum and plan for the proposed course offering. The groups then presented their outputs, with their colleagues providing constructive feedback.

The seminar-workshop ended on an encouraging note that the faculty of CAS shall always be at the forefront in the spur of continued curricular innovation.

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