A day after the Tarlac State University of Agriculture visit, the delegates from CBSUA visited Bulacan Agricultural State College (BASC) on August 23, 2022, for a business meeting to propose future collaborations such as the 7th Regional and 2nd International Research Forum, establish a Memorandum of Agreement, and adopt the ‘Pinaggikanan’ extension project.

BASC President, Dr. Jameson H. Tan, said in his message that he looked forward to a strengthened partnership with CBSUA and reminisced his memories with CBSUA President when Dr. Naperi visited their university.

Meanwhile, the VPAA of BSC, Dr. Cecilia S. Santiago, showed her excitement about the collaboration between the two universities and expressed her desire to visit the CBSUA in Camarines Sur.

Dr. Raquel Reapor, Dean of the College of Development Education, said that her gratitude is beyond words, aside from the performances of the chorale and dancers, but also for being welcomed by Dr. Tan, the president himself.

The delegates from CBSUA are set to visit Benguet State University the following morning to propose the same projects.

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