CNSC Biology Department conducts Benchmarking with CBSUA

Biology Department of Camarines Norte State College conducted a benchmarking activity with the BS Biology Program of the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, to fulfill the recommendations of the ongoing Science Laboratory Manual and Internship (OJT) Manual of the said institution on 27 January 2022.
The program was held at CAS Lecture Hall with a welcome message from the campus administrator, Dr. Celerino B. Llesol. An overview of the activity was given by Prof. Katrina G. Gepilano, a faculty member of the BS Biology program. The program chairperson, Dr. Leah V. Carballo, presented the faculty members of the BS Biology program. Prof. Jeniffer S. Francisco, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, presented the requested contents of the Laboratory Manual and the Internship (OJT) Manual together with the best practices of the BS Biology program. The CNSC Biology department was able to visit the Regional Apiculture Center and the Plant Genetics Resource Laboratory.
Specific items that were discussed during the benchmarking activity includes the following: (1) The hierarchy of the administrative and academic personnel managing the laboratory services with their functions and responsibilities; (2) Professional development for laboratory personnel; (3) Process flow of purchasing laboratory equipment; (4) Laboratory rooms, working environment, policies on the utilization of the laboratory rooms, and laboratory maintenance; (5) Laboratory rooms security and client monitoring, laboratory signage, general laboratory safety rules, dress code, personal protection, chemical and electrical safety rules, waste management and disposal methods; and (6) Procedures and laboratory fees for the utilization of laboratory rooms and equipment not connected with the institution.
The visitors from CNSC Biology Department are headed by Prof. Margie O. Agawa and accompanied by Prof. Ma. Kathrina M. Pobre, Prof. Jocelyn C. Morada, and Prof. James Robert R. Vaughan.
Source: Prof. Katrina G. Gepilano, BS Biology Faculty
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