To discuss possible areas of collaboration and to conduct a tour of the Regional Apiculture Center and Taro Center, the Institutional Linkages and Special Projects Office headed by its Director, Dr. Christopher Dacer meets with LGU Libmanan led by its Vice Mayor, Hon. Jerry Tendero on October 17, 2022.

Dr. Christopher Dacer presented the initial Memorandum of Agreement as to what the two parties have agreed on during the consultative engagement last October 7, 2022. Vice Mayor Jerry Tendero, who is a proud alumnus of CBSUA, stated the needs of Libmanan farmers in terms of farming techniques and the target market of the products which have been the biggest problem of the farmers after harvesting. He assured the full support of the Sangguniang Bayang ng Libmanan to the partnership.

President Alberto Naperi, promised his full commitment to the agreement and gave several examples of the existing CBSUA market partners such as LCC. He also stated that his faculty members are capable enough to deliver effective trainings which will provide opportunities to the farmers of Libmanan. In addition, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ana Mirana, discussed the possibility of sending their faculty members to Libmanan instead of the students going to school for the convenience of the CBSUA students.

The LGU of Libmanan is humbled and thankful to CBSUA for accomodating them during the visit. They look forward to the start of the training sessions for the farmers very soon.

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